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Vision in Communication Call for Entries


The competition is open to individuals looking to receive recognition and valuable feedback on projects completed and launched since 2016. All work must be implemented, published, or broadcast between January 2016 and the day of submission to be eligible. An entry may be submitted in multiple categories.

Entry Fees and Deadlines

Costs: $25 for IABC members and professionals-in-transition; $40 for non-members  $0 for students
Our awards use the Gold Quill divisions and categories. Please review that page to identify the most appropriate category(ies) to enter:
After you have identified your category and you've prepared all your materials, complete the Online Entry.
Deadline is August 1, 2017

How to Enter

How to enter Divisions 1, 2 and 3:

There are two key elements to your entry: the work plan and the work sample. 
The work plan is an executive summary of your communication strategy. If you’re entering the same program or elements of the program in multiple categories, be sure to tailor your work plan so it fits each category. It should:
  • Describe the context for your program or project.
  • Clearly state the communication challenge or opportunity. 
  • Provide an analysis of your target audiences.
  • Demonstrate high-level goals and measurable objectives stated as outputs or outcomes. 
  • Provide insight into your strategic approach.
  • Highlight your budget.
  • Provide an abbreviated tactical execution plan.
  • Discuss any challenges that you faced during planning and execution. Demonstrate collaboration with stakeholders, if appropriate.
  • Provide measurable, meaningful results that are aligned with your stated objectives and audience and business needs.
  • Ensure your work plan references your work sample and assists the evaluators to navigate through your entry and find the examples that best illustrate your work.

 The work sample is the supporting material that illustrates how you planned and implemented your communication program. It can include video and audio files, Word documents, PDFs, magazines, brochures and website links. Your work sample should represent the full scope of your work. However, bear in mind that evaluators have limited time to review your submission. A well-organized work sample that demonstrates the very best of your efforts will score higher than an overwhelming number of items that evaluators can’t sort through.

Organize and condense your work sample to showcase a representative overview of your project. Pick examples (clips, photos, etc.) that best support your work plan and represent your strategy. Be creative in demonstrating how the elements of your work sample are aligned with the business needs and audience preferences.

How to enter Division 4:

You do not need to complete a detailed work plan for the Communication Skills division. Instead, you will need to complete a brief entry form on the awards entry website  and submit it along with your work sample. The work sample should represent the full scope of your work.

Top Ten Reasons for Entering the IABC NEO Vision Awards

  • Learn how to create a strategic communication plan that demonstrates your analytical thinking and creative implementation skills.
  • Be recognized for your work by colleagues and employers and have solid evidence that you’re one of the best at what you do.
  • Earn credibility and a reputation for excellence.
  • Contribute to the business-savvy reputation of communicators committed to business results.
  • Build your résumé and open doors that lead to speaking engagements and new job opportunities or clients.
  • Increase your professional knowledge.
  • Make your team and your CEO proud of effective work championed by a best-practice organization.
  • Fine-tune your skills with expert feedback from senior professionals.
  • Show that you can compete with the best of the best.
  • Use the feedback from your IABC chapter or regional awards program to enter an even stronger submission at the international level.